Candace Cameron Bure Is All Smiles As She Celebrates Huge Family Milestone

February 21, 2018Feb 21, 2018

Candace Cameron Bure is one of the most famous Christian actresses in Hollywood. Not only is she well-known for her talent in the industry, her character is what has gained her the most attention.

The actress is known for being full of grace and poise, even in the world of entertainment that has corrupted so many. Additionally, she has been recognized for keeping strong family relationships and making them her priority over her busy schedule.

Candace Cameron Bure has a lot to celebrate, and her kids are no exception to that. On Tuesday, February 20, the actress was all smiles as she celebrated her second child, Lev.

The day was a big milestone for Lev as he celebrated his 18th birthday! The actress took to Instagram to talk about her son.

She said, “February 20, 2000 I gave birth to my second child (at 23)- this little jellybean. What a man he’s grown up to be. Happy birthday Lev. I love you SO much!”

The actress posted a few different photos on her Instagram account to go along with the caption, showing their relationship develop over the years. (Editor’s note: click the arrow on the photo to see the next one.)

Cameron Bure has been on social media in recent days to talk about her special bond with her daughter, Natasha, as well. The two of them have been called “twins” for years. This Christmas season was particularly special, however, as the two were able to star in their first movie together!

Do you love that Candace Cameron Bure keeps her family as her priority and jumps at the opportunity to celebrate her children? Let us know! In other recent news, the Benham brothers just said the government should share the blame for the Florida school shooting. 

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