Candace Cameron Bure on ‘Healthy’ Sex Life With Valeri Bure

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There are no boundaries in a bedroom. Candace Cameron BureShe opened up about her relationship with her husband Valeri Bure keep their marriage alive — and she didn’t hold anything back.

The Full House alum, 46, dished on her “healthy” sex life with the former ice hockey pro, 48, to whom she’s been married for more than 20 years, telling Mayim Bialik that intimacy is an “important” part of the duo’s relationship.

“I hate that sex within marriage gets such a bad rap,” the actress said on the latest episode of the “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown” podcast. “And maybe — it does happen for people within their marriage when that goes south — but [that’s]You have more reasons [to do it].”

The Fuller House alum added that she believes sex is a major aspect “of being married and committed to someone,” which shouldn’t fade away over time. “In our culture and society today, it’s always like, ‘Oh, you’re married [for] 10 years, when was the last time you had sex?’ That’s always the joke, and it can be funny and I can roll with it.”

The Some Kind of WonderfulHer former colleagues introduced star and ex-NHL player Full HouseCostar Dave CoulierThey were married in June 1996. The pair share daughter Natasha, 24, and sons Lev, 22, and Maks, 20, who aren’t always thrilled to see their parents packing on the PDA.

“I’m not trying to, like, talk about my sex life … or, like, gross my kids out,” the California native clarified. “But I do think it’s important to share what a healthy sex life within marriage can be just in saying, like, that that’s important. It’s an important part of the relationship that we make time for one another, that we still love each other physically, spiritually, mentally — all of the things. It all comes hand in hand.”

Cameron Bure went on to tease: “I’m a happier person and my husband’s a happier person when we’ve had sex. … We don’t have a schedule for that.”

The Russia native tends to be “a little more serious about life” due to his upbringing, Cameron Bure added, but he still makes her laugh. “When there’s that playfulness, like, there is nothing that makes me happier and more attracted to him,” she gushed, noting that humor is one of her “love languages.”

While they may have found their groove, marriage hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Dancing With the StarsBure and Alum Candace Bure exclusively told the story in October 2018. UsHow she and her husband have managed to overcome their relationship difficulties. “You really try to, I always say, put your spouse on a pedestal,” she said at the time. “And in return, you’re hoping, which my husband does, we have the same respect for one another.”

The couple aren’t afraid of showing their affection for one another — even in front of their kids. “It’s so funny. … Online, I think it’s cute,” Natasha told Use of her parents’ PDA in November 2021. “Like, I hope my husband and I are like that and so in love with each other. I think it’s the cutest thing.”