Canadian Police Stop North Carolina School Massacre After Something Amazing Tips Them Off

May 11, 2017May 11, 2017

A high school in North Carolina has just been saved from a ruthless killing spree by unlikely people. 

A girl in Canada was logged on to an internet chatroom when she read details about a student in North Carolina planning to stab other students. The Canadian girl then alerted Canadian authorities about what she had read.

Canadian officials took the threat seriously and contacted local law enforcement in North Carolina. The school resource officer was dispatched to take the wanted student out of class and in for question.

After removing the suspected student, police found large knives and other harmful things, including a "hit list", inside his backpack.

Officials expressed their gratitude to the Canadian officials who acted on their tip and to the single girl who is now credited with saving dozens of lives.

Watch the video below for more details about this amazing story.

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