Can You Believe What This New McDonald's Ad Is Showing To Kids?

March 10, 2016Mar 10, 2016

Wow, McDonald's? You think you have to watch out for certain things on TV with your kids, but you generally feel like a McDonald's ad would be pretty safe. Until now.

Life Site News reports that McDonald's is airing an ad in Taiwan (i.e., test for the U.S.?) where a boy comes out as gay to his dad. The ad is called "Acceptance" and just started airing this month.  It shows a boy writing on a McDonald's cup, "I like boys." Then after storming off, his dad comes back and writes on the cup, "I accept that you like boys."

The tagline then flashes, "Let there be warmth in conversations," as the two smile at each other. Taiwanese Christians are not happy about this ad, saying it serves to "miseducate children on sexual behavior." The Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family says it will launch "boycotts [of] all enterprises that are polluting the next generation."

We totally agree! And it's scary to think that ads like this will (continue to) be brought over to American television! Our kids don't need to be confused any further. Do you agree? What do you think of this commercial? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!