Can Trump Still Win Utah? Last Week's Events Make Victory Uncertain

March 22, 2016Mar 22, 2016

As Arizona and Utah vote tonight in Republican primaries, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is doing well in polls in the southern border state with his hard-line stance on illegal immigration. But Utah has been a difficult state for him to woo after the events of the past week.


Last Wednesday, Trump's actions led to a Salt Lake City presidential debate being cancelled, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. He said he wouldn't show up, claiming he didn't know about it and had already scheduled a conflicting event.

Later in the week, after Mitt Romney slammed Trump on Facebook, Trump fired back, questioning Romney's Mormon faith during a Utah rally, according to MSNBC. His comments may have not sat well in the heavily LDS state where Romney helped turn the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City into a success.

So far, Ted Cruz is faring better in the polls. Only tonight's vote will tell if Trump's unflagging national popularity will score him the majority of The Beehive State's votes and take all 40 delegates.