Can't Make It To School? Send A Robot Instead

November 08, 2015Nov 08, 2015

"Mommy, I'm too sick to go to school today."

"Mommy, I'm too sick to go to school today."

"It's OK, honey. We'll just send your robot instead."

This may sound like a conservation from the future, but it's already happening in Maryland where a 10-year-old girl is having a robot attend school for her.

According to The Associated Press, Peyton Walton is in the midst of undergoing treatment for cancer but still has a way of attending her school and interacting with teachers and students throughout the school day, all from her bedroom.

A robot with an iPad screen for a face and wheels for feet will head to class while Peyton controls it with an app, sees what it sees, hears what it hears, and talks through it.

Poolesville Elementary School principal Douglas Robbins seems excited about the idea.

He commented, "As they see that robot in the hallways, that's Peyton. She's here, she's with us and she's going to engage in the school day, just like the rest of them."

What does Peyton think of her $3,000 Double Robotics avatar?

"I try not to crash into walls."

Do you think sending a robot to school on your behalf is cool or creepy?

See Peyton's operation of the robot in school: