Can Liberal 'Tolerance' Include Christianity? Christian Writer Answers

August 31, 2017Aug 31, 2017

This week a group of prominent evangelical leaders issued a strong statement defending the traditional Christian position on marriage and sexuality. It was, as was expected, met with hostile condemnation from contemporary liberals, most of whom interpreted the statement as "hateful" and "homophobic." Writing for the "National Review," David French, one of 150 who signed the statement, defended himself from critics.

Indirectly, French asks the question: "can the 'tolerance' of contemporary liberalism extend to include Christianity?" To answer the question, French first takes a look at liberal evangelicals, who claim to be both "liberal" and "Christian."

"In their theology, God’s word is subject to an overriding cultural and political test," writes French, referring to liberal evangelicals. "One can reject even His clearest commands if those commands are 'mean' or 'intolerant.' And what’s 'mean' or 'intolerant' is — oddly enough — defined almost entirely by secular social revolutionaries."

French then put forward insightful analysis about the current state of America. According to French, we are entering a troubling time in America, in which cultural and religious uniformity are demanded by liberals. These liberals are so militant about combating intolerance that they themselves are intolerant toward anybody who questions their liberal creed.

"We now live in a world where a subset of progressive politicians is enthusiastically and vindictively intolerant in the name of tolerance," he writes. "They will re-educate or ruin small-business owners who won’t lend their creative talents to celebrate gay weddings. If the Constitution allowed, they would ban from their cities any businesses run by faithful Christians who refuse to be silent on matters of sexual morality. They will publicly reject basic statements of Christian theology, and they will do it in the name of comprehensive social engineering."

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