Camille Kostek ‘Excited’ for Rob Gronkowski to Get ‘On One Knee’

Camille Kosteck ‘Excited’ for Rob Gronkowski Proposal

Rob Gronkowski & Camille Kosteck

Time for a diamond! Camille Kostek is officially ready to say “yes” to a Rob Gronkowski proposal.

“If he were to get down on one knee, I’d be excited,” the former pro cheerleader, 30, exclusively told Us Weekly at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, April 9. “He’s my best friend. I would spend the rest of my life with him.”

The Connecticut native noted that she and her 32-year-old NFL beau already spend all their time acting like a married couple now that they “live together,” “work together” and “travel together.”

Kostek began dating the three-time Super Bowl champion in 2015, after she landed a spot on the NFL’s annual swimsuit calendar. She now calls the New England Patriot her “partner,” and said the two are “blessed to wake up next to each other every single day.”

Camille Kosteck ‘Excited’ for Rob Gronkowski Proposal

Rob Gronkowski & Camille Kosteck
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The Love is real actress — who claimed she sleeps in her boyfriend’s boxers every night — is ready for that ring, but also said it’s not something she’s “stressed about,” because “when the time is right, it’ll be.”

Until then, the two are still “having so much fun every single day,” hope they can include Tom Brady and Gisele BündchenSoon, you will be able to see their itinerary.

“I thought me and Rob’s schedules are busy. Their schedules are busier than mine. Listen, Tom and Gisele, if you can see this, we would love dinner. I would be happy to have them at our place or go to theirs. I heard they have a really nice chef,” she told Use.

The quarterback and the model’s busy schedule includes three kids — and the Free GuyActress believes her boyfriend is great with children.

“He’s so good with his nieces and nephews. It’s so fun to watch him. And then even just like the fans that he interacts with, he loves the kids the most,” she said.

Kostek told Use her heart “bursts” every time she sees the NFL tight end with children, and credits his natural instincts to being “a big kid at heart.”

Gronkowski retired from the NFL in 2019. He had suffered injuries that negatively affected his mental health. Kostek reports that Gronkowski was traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 by the Patriots. But Kostek says that the New York native is taking time to decide if he should return for 2022.

Kostek concluded she will “support either direction. No matter what.”

Hannah Kahn reporting

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