Camilla Parker Bowles’ Son Talks Her Affair With Prince Charles

Many things have been said about Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles’ explosive affair that ultimately ended both their marriages, but the main people involved have largely stayed quiet throughout the years. However, the Duchess of Cornwall’s son has revealed how he felt about the situation at the time. 

‘I Wasn’t Going To Read That Sort Of Stuff About My Mother’

Tom, the duchess’ son with first husband Andrew Parker Bowles, opened up about the scandal in a 2014 interview. When asked how he felt in 1993 after transcripts of intimate conversations between Charles and Bowles were published in newspapers, he replied, “I sort of remember not looking at the paper. Because, you know, Jesus, the things that we’ve all said to people that we love…that you wouldn’t want the world reading. I just felt pissed off.”

He continued, “I wasn’t going to read that sort of stuff about my mother, just as much as she wouldn’t want to read it about me or my kids certainly wouldn’t want to read it about me.”

Charles and Bowles’ relationship was one of the main contributing factors in his divorce with first wife Princess Diana. The couple dated for years, and they eventually got back together after Diana’s marriage. This led to Charles and Diana’s separation and eventual divorce.The two were married for 15 years and shared sons Prince William and Prince Harry, finally splitting in 1996. Bowles and her husband had been divorced in the previous year. 

Charles and the duchess began a relationship right away, eventually ending in a civil marriage in 2005. Even though it’s been years since the scandal, many still dislike Bowles and are highly critical of her. 

Why The Duchess is Still Hated by Many

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam explained this animosity, saying, “Here’s the problem ‒ that anything to do with Diana, which is constantly in the news, does bring back past memories. The past decades and this brings back Diana will indicate that there will always be some people who are not in love with Camilla. That’s the way of the world.”

The TV shows and movies that feature Bowles, re-creating real-life events, are causing more negative feelings. The latest season of Netflix’s The Crown focused on the love triangle between Charles, Diana, and Bowles, dredging up more bad feelings for the duchess – much of it from young viewers who weren’t even born at the time of the scandal. 

The royal family is not immune to controversy these days. Between Harry and Meghan Markle’s highly-publicized exit from the royal family, Prince Andrew’s recently-discovered ties to Jeffrey Epstein, and Charles’ own cash-for-honors scandal, the royal family has been consistently making headlines.