Camilla Parker Bowles Allegedly ‘Seeing Red’ Over Prince Charles’ Flirtatious Relationship With Another Woman, Royal Gossip Claims

Has Prince CharlesAre you having feelings for another woman One tabloid claims Camilla Parker Bowles is wracked with anxiety over Charles’ wandering eye. Here’s what we know about the Prince of Wales’ latest cheating scandal.

Prince Charles ‘Caught Between Camilla And Judi’?

The most recent edition of Neue Idea reports Camilla Parker Bowles is getting tired of Prince Charles’ schoolboy crush on Dame Judi Dench. Dench and the Prince of Wales have been friends for years, but the tabloid insists Charles’ admiration for the actress has bordered on romantic on multiple occasions.

“Charles is pretty open with the fact he thinks Judi is the cream of the British acting crop, and he’s proud to say they’ve been close for years,” an insider spills. “Charles is always going on about how marvelous she is to anyone who’ll listen, including Camilla, which really irks her. Camilla has always had a jealous streak, and knowing her, she’s probably had a word to Judi [about it all].”

But the source says Dench would likely have “found it hilarious” since there’s never been a shred of romance between them. “That would surely have put Camilla back in her box, and now it’s all smoothed over,” the tipster remarks. “Charles continues to admire Judi loudly, and that will never change, but at least now Camilla knows it’s all totally innocent.”

Camilla Parker Bowles Defeats Judi Dench

This story is ridiculous. First of all, Judi Dench may be Prince Charles’ friend, but she’s just as close to Bowles. In 2018, the pair was still together. took a trip together to Osborne House, one of Queen Victoria’s former homes. And just last October, Dench sat down to discuss and promote Bowles’ new book club, the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room. It’s clear the two are good friends, so we seriously doubt Dench is coming between Charles and Bowles.

But it’s no surprise that Neue Idea This narrative was promoted. The magazine invents feuds for the Duchess. In early 2021, the outlet claimed Bowles “ruined” Princess Eugenie’s surprise gender reveal. The magazine then reported that Bowles was battling Kate Middleton for the title of Queen of England.

The tabloid also claimed that Bowles was furious at Queen Elizabeth for making Sophie, Countess, of Wessex, princess. The tabloid also suggested that Bowles was feuding for Princess Anne. Obviously, Neue Idea isn’t a reliable source when it comes to Camilla Parker Bowles.

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