Cameron Diaz Supposedly Fighting With Her Husband Over Her Lack Of A Social Life, Questionable Insider Claims

Does Cameron DiazAre you unable to get out? One report says she’s become a homebody, and her husband, Benji MaddenIt makes him unhappy. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Don’t Be A Bore’

According to OK!Diaz has gone from movie star status to being a homebody. According to an insider, the Gangs of New York star “rarely leaves the house, and Benji is feeling restless and bored… he’s always trying to get her to go out for date nights, but he consistently shoots down his ideas.”

Diaz rarely hosts friends over for their nearly 2-year-old daughter. “As far as mixing it up with anyone new and fun, those days are over,” an insider says. Madden is desperate for a bit of excitement — he was in Good Charlotte after all — but Diaz has settled down. A source concludes, “All she wants to do is stay in, cook, watch movies and drink wine, and it’s starting to feel a little bit like Groundhog Day.”

It sounds pretty reasonable

Diaz is a retired actress at 49 with a very young child. COVID-19 continues its destruction of the country. There’s every reason in the world for her to stay home at the moment, so it’s unfair for OK!This behavior is unacceptable.

This story is still bogus. Precious few people have a hold of Diaz’s schedule, and none of them are going to talk to this tabloid. Diaz was recently seen with her best friend at the tabloid. Drew Barrymore Show.

Madden doesn’t post much on Instagram, but his most recent post was a gushing birthday message for Diaz. He wrote, “You are beautiful in all ways, we are so lucky to have you.”

He loves his wife and she still gets out. This story is completely false.

Other Bogus Stories

Gossip CopYou can trust your intuition more than you can trust the media OK!Story about Diaz. It claimed that she was pregnant last year. It also promised twins in 2019. However, she only had one baby. We also exposed its story about Nicole Richie and Diaz being pregnant simultaneously. If this tabloid really knew what they were talking about, then Diaz could have a church full of kids at this point.

It was reported that Diaz was making a comeback in acting with the help Barrymore. This story is totally incompatible with the homebody story. However, both stories are false. Diaz, according to all accounts, is living a happy life with her husband.