California Wildfires Continue to Break New Records

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

The California wildfires are setting a new record for the United States. The estimated damage caused by wildfires in California in 2017 has reached over $10 billion, and this doesn't include December's fires that are still blazing, according to the Daily Caller.

Reports claim that record-breaking damage is already an unfortunate reality. Yet, this record damage will grow even larger after more reports specify how much damage has been added in December. This information should be available after insurance claims are expected to be tallied in January. 

The Daily Caller reports that the Thomas Fire has burned a mighty 281,620 acres, thereby surpassing the previous record by more than 8,000 acres. 

According to CNN, "The Thomas Fire started on December 4 and hasn't stopped since. As of Tuesday, it's destroyed more than 281,000 acres and was 88% contained."

"This Southern California inferno is the biggest wildfire in California since at least 1932.The Thomas Fire is the seventh most destructive, with at least 1,063 homes, businesses and other structures destroyed. That number is sure to grow since fire officials said the fire might not be fully controlled until January 7," continues CNN.

On top of being costly, the fires have also burned more acres in California than any other year since 2012. For the past five years, wildfires scorched an average of 202,751 acres from January 1 through December 24, according to sources. However, that number doubled in 2017 after 505,900 acres were burned. 

Reports also claim that the October wildfires in California caused unprecedented levels of air pollution throughout the Bay Area. Of course, these end-of-the-year fires are not helping air quality.

According to Fox News, the cause of the Thomas Fire is currently unknown. As of Wednesday morning, it is only 88% contained. It is the largest recorded fire since California began keeping detailed records in 1932. 

One firefighter has died while trying to combat the fire in California. Cory Iverson, 32, was an engineer based in San Diego. After being killed by the fire, he is leaving behind his 2-year-old daughter and pregnant wife.

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