California Wants To Blacklist Companies That Work on the Wall

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

California is at it again. Not for the first time, their government wants to penalize people for being conservative. The city of Los Angeles' lawmakers have proposed a law that would require contractors to reveal whether or not they have been involved with President Trump's border wall in any capacity. 

"City lawmakers say residents have a right to know whether companies are working on the controversial agenda," reports Fox News. 

On Tuesday, the city council voted to require companies that work with the city to say whether they built, design, or sold materials for “any proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States of America," adds the network. 

The purpose seems to be so the city can avoid employing these companies. They are more concerned about a person's politics than their ability in their field. 

“We want to know if there are people who do business with the city of Los Angeles ... who wish to profit from building a wall that would divide us from our nearest and dearest neighbor Mexico,” said Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Tim Murphy, board president of the Federation of California Builders Exchange, called the move "absurd." He also noted that the decision sets a dangerous precedent for discrimination against companies. 

"They're moving beyond the political theater and hyperbole that this issue generates," Murphy told "Fox & Friends." "They are creating, in fact, a political blacklist, threatening any company that would express an interest, not actually build, but express an interest in working on the border wall."

But even the blacklist wasn't far enough for some liberal Californians. State Sen. Ricardo Lara wants to expand the law sot hat it prevents all of California from doing business with companies that were involved in the building of the wall.

Liberals are supposed to be against discrimination, but here is a blatant example of discrimination against conservatives—or even just against those who do business with conservatives. The famous "liberal tolerance" is nowhere to be seen. 

This isn't the first time California has discriminated against conservatives. In June, they issued a travel ban against four conservative states that instituted laws they didn't like. 

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