Corrupt Mayor Caught Colluding With Researchers

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

Townhall reports that the effort by Seattle to increase their minimum wage to $15/hour has had a disastrous impact on the city. As economists predicted, the gradual increase in the minimum wage in Seattle has only hurt worker. Apparently, in the process of getting this legislation passed, Mayor Ed Murray's office reached out to a friendly economist to tweak the study, in order to falsely suggest that the minimum wage hike would have little negative impact.

The University of Washington apparently reached out to Seattle City Hall with an early draft of a study showing that the minimum wage law would have a harmful impact on workers. The mayor’s office, uneasy about this finding, shared the study with the University of California Berkeley, a progressive economics department sympathetic to minimum wage hikes.

Berkeley, acting on a request given to them by the Mayor's office, then set their publication date to a sooner day, and made sure to not put any reference to the University of Washington study. 

The study released by the University of California Berkeley contradicted the findings of a forthcoming study to be released by the University of Washington, which claimed that the minimum wage hike had cost low-skilled workers $179 a month.

The minimum wage, the study found, "reduces hours worked in low-wage jobs by around 9 percent, while hourly wage sin such jobs increased by around 3 percent."

This was information that the economics department at Berkeley and the Seattle Mayor's office didn't want anybody to know.

In other words, the Seattle Mayor’s office coordinated with a University of California Berkeley economist to manipulate a minimum wage study for political benefit. Apparently, the Seattle Mayor’s office wanted to use the study to display the minimum wage increase in a positive light.

The Daily Caller reports that a staffer working for Mayor Ed Murray contacted the University's economics department and asked them to rush the release of the study, which would cast a positive light on Seattle’s increased minimum wage law.

At the federal level, Nancy Pelosi promised to push through a $15 an hour minimum wage if the Democrats take control of the House in 2018.  

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