California Mom and 7-Year-Old Son Die in Tragic Accident that Took Rescuers Hours to Discover

March 07, 2018Mar 07, 2018

A horribly tragic news story has just emerged out of California. A mother and her son have perished in a devastating accident.

According to report, Olga Perkovic and her son, Aaron, died after being buried under a massive pile of snow. It happened just feet from their condo as they headed in after skiing.

As they approached the front door of their condo, a massive amount of snow about the size of a trailer fell from the roof, burying them under three feet of snow, according to the Alpine County Sheriff’s Office.

They were last seen skiing at 4 PM that afternoon. When searchers went to look for them, they noticed a glove sticking out of a pile of snow. Upon further inspection, they uncovered the mother and her child. It was 9 PM when they were found.

"During an investigation, police discovered that the mother and son decided to ski an alternate route back to their condo, through a wooded area. When they arrived, they skied underneath a roof that was covered with snow, which ultimately slid from the condo and buried them alive," reported People.

Perkovic had a doctorate in physics from Cornell University. She is survived by her remaining family, including her loving husband, David.

“Olga was a valuable member of our community at Zymergen, a trusted adviser, and most importantly, an old and close friend of mine and so many others,” Josh Hoffman, Zymergen CEO, told NBC. “She will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with her husband David and her daughters, Sophie and Daria.”

David explained that their youngest boy, Aaron, was “delightful and impossible in equal measures.”

“He loved swimming, skiing, reading and clowning around. He could talk about anything and everything, non-stop," reported People.

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