California Fails Their Children With Three New Head-Scratching Laws

December 28, 2015Dec 28, 2015

January 1st, 2016 will mark the day that the ultra-liberal state of California officially turned their backs on the children of the state.  According to Breitbart, a whole new slew of laws go into effect at the beginning of the year.  Three laws in particular dishonor the children throughout the state.

One such law awards High School Seniors their diploma no matter if they fail the exit exam.  They will also be given a high school diploma whether or not they take the exit exam.

Another law that goes into effect will ban all concealed weapons from all schools, kindergarten through college.  Since only law abiding citizens spend the time, money, and effort to get certified to carry concealed weapons, this new law punishes lawful citizens and makes all children far less safe than they already are.

The third law that California pushed through, attacks children in a different way.  The new law makes participation in sex-education classes mandatory unless the parent specifically opts their child out of the class.  In the class, the children will learn about “gender fluidity”; the idea that they can be whatever gender they choose to be.

Which of these three laws do you think harms the children the most?