Caitlyn Jenner Explains How God and Faith Are a Part of Her Journey

July 19, 2017Jul 19, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel" to discuss her journey in being transgender. In her interview, she clarified that she is not a spokesperson for the transgender community, but only for her journey. She said, “Every journey is a different story.” With her story, she hopes to "make a difference in the world."

What many people may not know is Caitlyn is "a person of faith," as she mentioned during her interview. She stated, “The last thing I had to get through was in God’s eyes, how does he see me and how am I doing?”

She continued, “Every person who is dealing with any issue, they always kind of look back if they have any faith whatsoever in their life...they say, ‘why; why did God do this to me?’ Why has gender and my identity been an issue in my life since I was that big [as she motions the height of a small child]? I don’t understand it. And am I doing a good job with it?”

In the remainder of her interview, she talked about revealing her secret to her children. Jimmy Kimmel also apologized for previously cracking jokes during Caitlyn’s time of transition.

Prior to Caitlyn’s interview, Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham actually answered her question, "How does God view transgenders?" Graham reminds us that even though we "must stand firm on the Word of God," we also have to show love and compassion because that’s what Jesus is all about.

He said, “As Christians we have to stand firm on the Word of God. Of course our churches should be welcoming of transgender people, in the same way we should be welcoming of anyone, because everyone needs the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ. But God’s Word is unchanging, unwavering, and true. Yes, we have compassion for all, but compassion must be based on truth.”

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