Prayers Needed: Multiple People Shot at House of Worship in California

April 27, 2019Apr 27, 2019

A great tragedy took place in Poway, California near San Diego on Saturday, April 27th. Multiple people were shot at a Chabad synagogue around 11:40 AM local time.

According to mainstream media reports, one person has been confirmed dead as of Saturday afternoon. At least three others were seriously injured. Their conditions remain unknown.

People present at the house of worship were reportedly attending a “Passover Holiday Celebration” in honor of the last day of passover, reported NBC News.

One man was taken into custody for questioning. His identity was not immediately released for public knowledge.

This story is developing. Few details, including a motive, is unclear at this time. Watch the CNN video clip below for more information:

Please pray for the victims of this horrible crime! May God bring them peace and comfort during this difficult time.

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