By the Time of Her Death, Joey Feek Helped Save One of the Lives Closest to Her

March 23, 2016Mar 23, 2016

The nation mourned the tragic loss of country and bluegrass singer Joey Feek when she died earlier this month after a battle with cervical cancer at the age of 40. Hundreds of thousands of people had prayed for Joey during her illness and continue to pray for the family she left behind. And the steadfast faith of Joey and her prayer warriors, hand-in-hand with the working of the Holy Spirit, had an impact on someone very close to her.


According to The Gospel Herald, at the singer's memorial service, Joey's father Jack stood in front of the crowd and announced that in the midst of his daughter's battle "I got saved."

Upon the announcement, the attendees rose to their feet in applause before he continued, "I had no idea that was the most important thing I could've done for Joey."

And his soul was not the only one significantly affected by Joey's last days. Joey's mother June sang during the service and said she'd been inspired to walk more closely with her Savior. Joey's deep testimony also helped her sister Jodi focus on Christ.

Jodi said, "The thing we talked most about was her love for Jesus Christ, and how important it was for her girls to know Him, trust Him and follow Him. I will forever be thankful for the past five months. Joey taught me so much, about myself, love, living and sacrifice."