Video: Bus Attempts to Drive Through Floodwaters with Student on Board, Driver Arrested

October 29, 2018Oct 29, 2018

A family in Texas is holding their son extra tight after his bus driver put him in harm's way earlier this month. On Oct. 16, bus driver Nathan Deyoung, 57, drove past a barricade and attempted to drive through floodwaters with the middle school student on board. The water proved to be too swift for the bus, which led to the bus being washed off the road and carried by water.

A dash cam on the bus was able to capture the whole event on video. Following the incident, the Leander Police Department said Deyoung has been arrested and charged with endangerment of a child and failure to obey warning signs.

Thankfully, both on board were able to be rescued without any injuries. However, Deyoung has since been fired from the Leander Independent School District.

The child on board the bus was able to call his mother while the terrifying event was taking place. His mother, Ashley Ringstaff, posted on Facebook about the incident and how her frightened son called her in "hysterics."

"At 8:26 am I got a call from Jason in hysterics. Telling me he loves me and that he is scared and thinking he was going to die. I hope no one ever has to listen to their child or loved one preparing to die because of a stupid decision that should of never have happened. I finally understand the feeling of being numb and in shock," Ringstaff shared on social media.

"I thank God for watching over Jason today and keeping him safe. Our little tiny creek on our road that we drive over the bridge all the time, swept him down the creek while he was on the way to school. He was the only child on the bus along with the driver. Both made it out safe," her post continued.

What do you think about this? Let us hear your thoughts! In other recent news, one student has been killed in a school shooting, and police have one student suspect in custody. Please pray during this unthinkable tragedy. 

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