Bus Bursts Into Flames With 20 Children On Board, Bus Driver Takes Immediate Action. She’s A True HERO.

September 14, 2016Sep 14, 2016

A bus driver in Maryland is being honored as a true American hero. On Monday, Renita Smith was driving a school bus in Prince George County with 20 children aboard when all of a sudden the bus burst into flames.


Renita immediately stopped the bus and pulled all of the 20 children, one by one, off the bus to safety. According to the Christian Post, after getting the children off the bus she jumped back aboard to double check and make sure that there was no possible way that a child was still aboard. “I ran back onto the bus to make sure that every seat was clear,” Smith said.

As the bus was burning, there was never any doubt or hesitation in Smith’s mind as to what she needed to do. “I am a mom of two kids,” Smith said. “It’s my job to save them.” Smith’s motherly instinct and heroic actions likely saved lives that day. “As I’m driving that bus, they’re my babies,” Smith said of the children. “I’m their mom until I drop them off to their biological moms.”

As for the talk about her being a hero, Smith brushes it aside. “I have people calling me a hero and I say that I’m just a mom,” Smith said.

Smith is wrong. While she may be a mother, she is also a true hero. God bless Renita Smith and her quick thinking. I know that there are 20 families who are eternally grateful for her actions.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.