Burger King’s Strange or Powerful New Ad

November 28, 2017Nov 28, 2017

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Burger King is joining forces with NoBully.org to bring awareness to the cause with a new video advertisement.

Each year 30% of students are the target of bullying and cyberbullying. No Bully is an evidence-based program that leverages student empathy to bring this crisis to an end. Since 2009 the non-punitive No Bully System has created bully-free schools for 140,000 students.

The anti-bullying campaign, which Burger King describes as “eye-opening” in a press release, “brings the issue even closer to home with an experience that took place in a Burger King restaurant.”

The campaign, known as “Bullying Junior,” begins with some upsetting personal stories from kids who were bullied.

Following the kids' earnest confessions, the ad cuts to the inside of Burger King where a bunch of bullies (who are paid actors) is bullying a high-school junior (also an actor) inside the Burger King.

The bullied teen begs for them to stop bullying him while most of the customers in the store (not actors) can be seen ignoring what’s going on with the boy.

The ad then shows a side of the Burger King's kitchen, where a staffer (also an actor) is seen "bullying" a Whopper Jr. by punching and smashing it. This burger, and several just like it, are then serving it to Burger King customers.

Once the customers receive their food, the video reports that “95 percent of the real-life customers reported the bullied Whopper Jr." but only “12 percent" of the customers stood up to the bullies.

Are people more interested in their meal the one they paid for and expected not to be trashed — than they were in the boy who was being bullied right in front of them, the press release says?

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