Burger King Employee Goes Viral for Assisting Elderly Customer, Her Response is Incredible

November 09, 2018Nov 09, 2018

The mainstream media is constantly reporting on sad or negative news. It seems that there is hardly any happy or uplifting things going on in the world.

However, an employee of Burger King is being credited with changing all of that after her amazing story has gone viral. Nineteen-year-old Alexis Easter just went above and beyond her job duties to assist an elderly customer who truly needed her help. Alexis helped the man to his car!

“When he’s done I help him to the car because he has a terrible back. When we get to his car we talk and I make sure he’s safe,” the employee told WTVR.

Alexis probably had no idea that her simple act of kindness would become national news. While she was helping Mr. John, another patron caught her in the act and photographed the moment. She then posted it on social media.

“Shout out to the cashier at the Mechanicsville Burger King, making this world a little brighter,” Elizabeth Chandler wrote on Facebook. “Seeing her help this gentleman was so heartwarming. It’s so seldom to see people going out of their way for others and expecting nothing in return. Since posting this I learned that Alexis is only 19 and does this on a regular basis for any customer in need,” Chandler told Yahoo.

When asked by local reporters about customer service, Alexis had the best response. We can all learn something from this amazing young woman!

“Always go out of your way to help others,” she told WTVR.

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