Bulgarian Artists Do Craziest Thing Ever To Soviet Monument

August 26, 2016Aug 26, 2016

Nothing will make you do a double-take faster than a Soviet monument repainted to depict American superheroes and other pop culture icons.

According to The Wire, that's what happened to a USSR monument in Bulgaria celebrating the Soviet Union's role in World War II. In fact, it's happened repeatedly in the past five years as the monument has become a target of criticism against Russia. Another "redecoration" involved a Soviet soldier repainted in the colors of Ukraine, perhaps in protest of Russian's dispute with them over Crimea.

Russia's repeated response? Please stop.

In 2014 their foreign minister said, "In connection with the outrageous act of vandalism, a note of protest was promptly lodged with the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with a demand for taking measures to prevent such incidents in the future, bringing those responsible for breaching the law to justice and putting the grave and the monument in order."

Do you think these repaintings by Bulgarian artists/vandals are awesome or disrespectful?