Buildings Continue To Collapse In Italy As Death Toll Rises Significantly

August 25, 2016Aug 25, 2016

Buildings continue to collapse as aftershocks rattle central Italy following a deadly 6.2-magnitude quake that struck two nights ago.

According to CNN, the death toll rose to at least 241. The Associated Press is reporting the death toll at 250 with 365 people injured.

Rescuers are working quickly to search through the rubble of decimated towns for survivors. They've already pulled quite a few from collapsed buildings in ancient villages and have hope in finding more.

Luigi D'Angelo of Italy's Civil Protection Department said, "Many cases have shown in the past that even after two days, people can be rescued alive. So we want to continue."

Onlookers applauded as one 10-year-old girl was pulled alive from the debris after being trapped for 17 hours. The town of Amatrice was hit so hard that none of its residents were allowed back in to spend the night.

Please continue to pray for the victims and rescuers!