Buckingham Palace Sets the Record Straight as Rumors Escalate About Prince Philip's Death

July 21, 2018Jul 21, 2018

Over the last several months, Prince Philip’s health has been rapidly declining. The Prince, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, has been in and out of hospitals and had to miss several important family events due to his health.


However, even though the 97-year-old has been unwell, he is still alive! Recently, several rumors began emerging claiming that Prince Philip had passed away.


Finally, on Saturday, the Buckingham Palace set the record straight. They confirmed, point blank, that Prince Philip is not dead. Reps from the Cabinet Office talked to the "Birmingham Digest" on Friday to address the rumors.

The rumors reportedly began when some outlets reported stories on what the various rules of succession are and what would happen when Prince Philip does pass away. However, some people mistook the stories for saying that he actually had passed away already.


Because the Duke of Edinburgh had been out of the public eye in recent months, those rumors escalated quickly. They got so out of hand that the Buckingham Palace felt the need to address them directly!

Prince Philip retired from his official royal duties about a year ago and has since just been focusing on his health.

We will continue to update as more information about Prince Philip’s health is revealed. Had you heard any of the rumors going around? Let us know!

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