Viral Pictures Show Insane Before and After Weight Transformation of Alaskan Bear Prepping for Hibernation

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

Everyone knows that Grizzly bears are some of the biggest and toughest animals on the planet. They spend months on the hunt for food and prepping for hibernation.

In Alaska, winters can be very rough. However, for the grizzly bears of Katmai National Park, it's just another part of their lives. They put it long hours eating all they can so they can fatten up before climbing in their dens for a long slumber.

Recently, an amazing picture circulated the internet and quickly went viral! The photo shows a bear in Katmai National Park after he emerged from his den in spring and then right before he goes back in the following fall.

"The park in southwest Alaska shared a gif from its official Twitter of a June 29 picture of a brown bear looking svelte standing in a creek, followed by a picture taken Sept. 30 of a much heftier bear sitting in some brush. 'At peak season, brown bears can add up to four pounds of weight a day. Bear 409 looks like she had no trouble with that. (Yes, this is the same bear. We’re screaming.),'" according to Fox.

Twitter went crazy with comments after seeing the before and after pictures! Many people couldn't believe the amount of weight the bears pack on in order to sustain themselves during winter.

"Alaskan brown bears typically begin to gain weight for the winter in July. Around this time, bears enter hyperphagia state and start eating non-stop to bulk up for the annual hibernation. Adult male brown bears can weigh more than 1,000 pounds by winter. Adult females average about 400 pounds before hibernation," reported Fox News.

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