Brothers Pull EPIC Prank On Little Sister, Convince Her The Apocalypse Is Happening

April 13, 2016Apr 13, 2016

Going to the dentist to have your wisdom teeth pulled is scary enough, but when you awaken from the surgery still under heavy medication, you can only hope that you have family members around to look after you and take care of you while you are on the mend.

That is not what happened in this case. These two brothers are going to have to sleep with one eye open after the prank they pulled on their sister.

Their sister, Millicent went to the dentist and had her wisdom teeth pulled.  As she was being driven home, a report came on over the radio stating that an emergency warning has been put out for a deadly outbreak signifying the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.  Even their mother got in on the act.

In spite of the crazy situation Millicent found herself in, she made some surprisingly good decisions and had her fair share of memorable one-liners.

Watch the epic prank.

There is little doubt that Millicent will have her revenge one day.