Brothers, Ages 5 and 2, Crash Mom's Car After Taking it for a Ride

July 22, 2017Jul 22, 2017

Two brothers, ages 5 and 2, drove their Mom’s car three miles on Monday in West Virginia before crashing into an embankment, KSTU reported. 

The brothers had been watching their mom drive, and they knew she kept an extra set of keys under the floor mat of her car.

The 5-year-old operated the brake and gas pedals and his 2-year-old brother took over the steering wheel, going in the direction of their grandfather’s farm 7-miles away.

Thankfully, there were no other cars on the road at that time. They were halfway there when they finally ran off the road and into an embankment, Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese said.

The brothers crashed in a residential area, where residents called the police. The brothers were taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Deweese said the mother was shocked when her sons showed up with the police officer at her front door. She hadn’t noticed that they were missing.

“I’m so glad that the kids didn’t get seriously injured, and hopefully the mother will do her parental duties and watch her children,” Deweese said.

The stunt also cost them their home, WSAZ 3 reported. Sharlene Wiseman, who owns the Bronco Junction Apartments where the boys live, told the station the family is no longer welcome because of safety concerns.