Brother and Sister Charged After 3 Dead Bodies Discovered In Central Louisiana

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

The Associated Press reports that a brother and sister are facing murder charges after three dead bodies were recently discovered. The bodies of three dead people whose bodies were found in two separate locations in a central Louisiana parish. Reports of the arrest came on Thursday.  

The siblings, 29-year-old Matthew Sonnier and 31-year-old Ebony Nicole Sonnier, were both arrested on first-degree murder charges. They are both accused of tragically murdering two Alexandria men whose burned bodies were found in Rapides. Investigators discovered what remained of the burned bodies of Kendrick Horn and Jeremy Norris after putting out a fire in a roadside ditch last week.

But the tragedy doesn't end here. The two siblings are also charged with another first-degree murder charge over the fatal stabbing of a 42-year-old woman named Latish White. Her body was found in a Pineville road about three hours before the discovery of the two burned bodies. 

Police have described Matthew Sonnier as a "known acquaintance" of White. The siblings have only been arrested and charged, and have not yet been found guilty. There is also no reported information about possible motivations behind the murders. Not only that, Rapides Parish Sheriff William Earl Hilton was unable to explain exactly why investigators believe that the cases — involving bodies found in two entirely different locations — were connected with each other. 

"I absolutely don't want to do anything that's going to cause a problem in the future for the prosecution," he said, according to Fox News.

Fox News reports that both of the siblings have been in police custody since last week. Matthew Sonnier was first arrested on a second-degree murder charge in White's death, and his sister was then arrested on drug charges. The charges stem, says Hilton, from a very intense investigation that led to hundreds of pieces of evidence collected from at least eight different locations. 

"There are so many different tentacles to this thing that went so many different places," Hilton said. "No one can remember this many different crime scenes that we had to process."

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