Famous Store Closing 100 Locations Nationwide After Announcing Bankruptcy, Customers Saddened

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

The rise of online shopping has created a major headache for a lot of brick and mortar retail stores. Many businesses have either closed locations or even gone out of business in recent years.

Now, fans are saddened to learn that another popular business is set to close locations around the country. The famous tech store, Brookstone, just announced they are filing for bankruptcy.

"Brookstone is also seeking a buyer for some of its stores while beginning a process to close its roughly 100 mall outlets, it said, confirming a Reuters report that it was exploring restructuring options including shuttering stores," reported the Huffington Post.

Brookstone is a staple store in many malls. Customers can always rely on being able to go in and find some cool new gadget that they probably never even knew existed! There is always something fun to check out at Brookstone.

“Our airport, e-commerce, and wholesale business divisions ... should prove attractive to a buyer with the financial resources and vision to carry our company into the future,” Brookstone Chief Executive Officer Piau Phang Foo said in a statement.

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