Famous American Actress Reveals Her Prayer After Recent Divorce

April 17, 2018Apr 17, 2018

In early April, news broke that Hollywood power couple Brooke Burke and David Charvet were calling it quits after nearly 7 years of marriage. Both Burke and Charvet are known for their successful modeling careers, acting roles, and additional television appearances.

The two share two children together — 11-year-old daughter Heaven and 10-year-old son Shaya. Brooke also has two teenage daughters — Sierra and Neriah — from a previous marriage.

Weeks after the announcement, Burke opened up about her recent divorce on Steve Harvey’s show, reported E! News. While discussing how people can move forward after a bad relationship, Burke chimed in revealing her personal prayer for herself.

"But isn't that about learning along the way?" the former “Dancing with the Stars” co-host stated. "I mean, you know I just recently filed for divorce so this is all very fresh and vulnerable for me. But my goal and my prayer is to move forward with an open heart and to take the beautiful memories and to learn from the challenges that I faced and not to bring all the baggage, which is mine, and pass it on to someone else whenever that day comes."

"It's easier said than done, ask me in six months…" she added.

Previously, Burke assured that they would still remain a family, but it was time for them to let go of their romantic relationship.

Please keep Brooke Burke’s family in your prayers as they move forward during this difficult time. May God bring them peace and comfort!

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