Brooke Shields Shares Her Secret to Raising Grounded Daughters

Raising grounded girls Brooke ShieldsShe is more intentional about making sure she and her husband are happy. Chris Henchy‘s two daughters are respectful.

The model, 56, has been “really tough” with Rowan, 18, and Grier, 16, from the start, she exclusively told Us Weekly at New York Academy of Art’s 2022 Tribeca Ball on Tuesday, April 19.

“It’s all about respect and manners and appreciation and giving back,” the New York native explained. “You start them young. They could say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ before they could even say [the words]. … It was, like, a tone. They would say ‘peas’ and ‘ta tu’ or something.”

Brooke Shields Shares Her Secret to Raising Grounded Daughters: ‘I’m Really Tough’

Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy. Rowan Henchy, Grier Henchy.
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The actress noted that she and Henchy, 58, “don’t have it figured out” but are doing their best.

The couple, who were married in 2001, sent their eldest daughter to Wake Forest University in Aug 2021. “I’m just enthralled with how much she’s doing,” theThere was a little girlAuthor gushed to UsRowan. “If you’ve done it seemingly right [as a parent], they fly and take off and do what they’re supposed to do and live and become who they are. And you’re crying in the car all the way from North Carolina to New York, so I guess I’m doing it right.”

The following November 2021 events will be Blue LagoonStar only told Us that she has missed the college student “every day” since dropping her off.

Brooke Shields Shares Her Secret to Raising Grounded Daughters: ‘I’m Really Tough’

Brooke Shields at New York City’s 2022 Tribeca Ball.
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“My unique and extraordinary baby girl spreading her wings,” theSusan suddenlyAn alum shared the following via Instagram at that time. “I love you so. We are so proud. This was the saddest drive away from anywhere I’ve ever had to make. But my baby is BEGINNING one of the most important adventures of her life to date … NOW!”

As for Grier, the Golden Globe nominee’s youngest daughter recently joined her mom in a Victoria’s Secret shoot for Mother’s Day.

“It was a huge honor,” the Law and Order: Special Victims UnitTuesday was a great day for alums. “To be in that environment and watch her conduct herself with such grace, I was really proud. Not of anything I’ve done but just [proud] of her.”

ThePretty Baby star called Grier “very smart” and “extremely self-aware,” saying that she doesn’t have to “worry about her being taken advantage of” while modeling.

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