Brooke Shields Finally Gives Eyebrow Tutorial In Insta Video

Brooke ShieldsThe well-known model for her stunning eyebrows took to social media to reveal the secrets to her voluminous brows. It is a question people have been asking her for as long as she’s been modeling, but it was always a secret she held close to her vest. This is how it was until now. People, grab your makeup tools, this is priceless advice by a fashion icon who may just be the most famous eyebrows on the planet.

Brows Before Brothers

The 56-year old fashion icon has been in business and modeling since she was 11 years. That is not a typo. She was a baby model, a teen model, an actress, and finally a supermodel. Her career path is unmatched in fashion and she is still going strong.

Shields is best known for her stunning blue eyes and her beautifully sculpted eyebrows. They only enhance her eyes even more. She was never open about how she did it. She was also very quiet about how she did it.

But now that she is more settled and has stepped out of any major spotlights she is ready for the fashion world to see her bare faces,

Eye Get It

We’ll give you the cheatsheet edition of her eyebrow hack right away in case she moves too fast.

Shields starts with a pencil to highlight her brow shape. She then uses a Prismacolor Ebony (which is actually an artist’s pencil for drawing, which makes this reveal even better) to darken the brows and give them some tone. Trish McEvoy Brow Protector is what she uses to lift and separate them, giving THE BROWS a fuller appearance. It’s honestly a beauty lesson in under a minute, which is really impressive considering the iconic end result.

Brooke Shields brows are now available for you, just in time to celebrate Christmas!