Bringing Up Bates’ Carlin Gives Health Update Amid Mystery Illness

Carlin Bates
Carlin Bates/Instagram

Carlin BatesShe shared candid details about her battle with health after suffering a concussion due to fainting spells.

Bates, 23 years old, and her husband. Evan StewartThe mystery illness was discussed in a video posted on their YouTube channel on Saturday July 30th. The clip features the following: Bringing Up Bates star noted that she was “sleeping more” after her recent health scare.

According to reality star, her problems started when she fell asleep while giving birth to her son in march. Bates had many strange episodes after the incident.

'Bringing Up Bates' Star Carlin Bates Gives Health Update After Fainting on Surveillance Camera

Evan Stewart, Carlin Bates
Courtesy Of The Stewart Fam/YouTube

“I started having what they think is some type of seizure. I started feeling weird, having blurred vision, headaches, and started passing out,” she detailed, noting she later found out she “had an underlying issue” since she was born.

Stewart, who has a 2-year old daughter Layla, also shares Bates’ 26-year-old footage. Stewart previously shared footage from a surveillance cam that showed Bates passing out in a boutique. Following her recent episode, the Tennessee native suffered a concussion.

During the video, Bates recalled being advised by medical professionals to “get back” on her medication but she ultimately went through another fainting spell that same month. “This one gave me no warning,” she said. “I just remember trying to get out of conversation, and I remember just losing it. Everything felt like it was slowing down.”

Stewart and Bates stated at the end that they still awaiting results from Stewart’s heart test and other evaluations.

Stewart and Bates had their second child earlier this year. The duo, who tied the knot in May 2019, first became parents in January 2020 following their daughter’s arrival.

“How do you describe an experience so emotionally intense and so magically wonderful as welcoming a brand new baby into the world?” they exclusively told Us WeeklyIn a statement. “We feel like our lives just became incredibly busy, but unimaginably blessed with little Layla Rae’s arrival! We have been thinking and praying about Layla Rae for the past months, and it has already taken over our thoughts and plans. No day will ever be quite the same without her! Although she came earlier than we expected, this is the best kind of celebration we have ever experienced, and we are so in love with our new role as parents!”

At the time, Bates and Stewart revealed their firstborn had experienced brief breathing issues due to “a small hole in her heart,” writing via Instagram in May 2020, “She has gotten so much stronger. We are so proud. She’s doing well, she’s having regular check-ups.”

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