Brighten Your Whites With This ‘Miracle Block’ Laundry Hack

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TikTok can be a strange place at times. It is a time-sucker that offers ridiculous dances and challenges as well as pranks. For a growing number of users, the app’s main draw is organizing and cleaning.

There are tons of organizing and cleaning hacks available. Views for cleaning hacks are in the billions, so it’s safe to say that there’s a market for it. Laundry hacks keep improving. There are many tricks that can make your clothes brighter and cleaner.


Carolina Mccauley has 2.5 million followers who flock to her account mainly for her home hacks which include DIY cleaning tips and tricks. She’s taught us how to easily clean grout, deep clean our air fryer, and how to make our bathtub sparkle. Now she’s showing us how to make our laundry brighter than the sun.

Here’s the recipe for her go-to “miracle block” that she claimed will replace your go-to detergent and stain remover. Not only will it improve the look of your white clothing, it’s also color-safe and will make all your clothes spotless. Simply put it in your washer and let it do its magic.

Miracle Block Recipe

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl

  • One cup Baking Soda
  • One cup Borax
  • One-half cup Oxi Clean
  • Slowly add water to make sand.
  • Pack into a silicon moldLet dry.
  • Keep it in a dry, cool place
  • Place one in a washing machine on a regular cycle

Many commenters agreed that this laundry trick works well. “Carolina this works like a charm, thank you for always sharing,” stated one follower.

Some commenters suggested that people who are more prone to getting their skin irritated by harsh chemicals should avoid the hack. “It’s worth noting that if you/family have sensitive skin then don’t use this or any other borax-related mixture,” one commenter warned.

Another commenter noted that certain cleaning products should be handled with care. “Please use gloves when handling borax,” one commenter stated.

And, one commenter noticed that while the cubes were “aesthetically pleasing” they weren’t totally necessary. “Why can’t I just put all [the]Powder in the laundry without the need to do the process of [the] cubes?” Another responded, “So you don’t have to scoop it out, with cubes [it’s]It’s so easy to grab one of these and make your life easier [you’re] good to go.”

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