Bridgerton’s Rupert Young Has ‘Hope’ for Jack Featherington’s Return

There’s still a chance! Following Jack Featherington’s shocking departure at the end of BridgertonSeason 2 Rupert Young opened up about where his character’s journey may go from here.

“[Jack] is definitely still alive, which is probably a one up from the first Featherington so there is still hope,” Young, 43, exclusively told Us Weeklyon Thursday, April 14 while promoting the hit Netflix show. “I still feel that maybe he’ll go back to the states and find his birth certificate. He can then come back with some money, maybe a wife to a wealthy American, and can pay people back. Then he will become the toast of London again — which I think might be wishful thinking on my part.”

During Bridgerton’s sophomore season, Jack was introduced as the new head of the Featherington household. Portia Featherington (Polly Walker) realized that he isn’t as successful as everyone assumes, they work together to trick the ton. Their relationship is brief-lived however when Portia chooses her daughters to make a better future than Jack.

Rupert Young.
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For the Doctor WhoWalker was an alum and it was a highlight to be able to share the screen together. “Working with her was amazing,” he told Use. “[We were]It was possible to speak about the characters and work with directors to make [the relationship]Very playful and can change the dynamic. Also, what she does amazingly — everything she does is incredible — was finding that vulnerability and new territory for Portia.”

Young continued: “It was quite intoxicating trying to find that tension between them, as you said, the push and pull. Her suddenly taking control of things and Polly plays that so brilliantly,” he added. “Which is why the end is so powerful, sticking by her children, which I just found as an actor [and a viewer] to be incredibly powerful.”

The U.K. native also reflected on the “terror” that he felt when originally joining the popular regency series. “It was the idea of suddenly walking into the show and that it is hugely established. Everyone knew each other really well and it was daunting,” Young admitted. “But as soon as we turned up for my first day of rehearsing — it was just such a lovely group of people and such a happy welcoming group. Everyone was sweet and excited by the show and by new people coming in.”

As filming continued, the MerlinThis alum was more worried about how season 2 would go down. “It truly was brilliant and at no point did I feel unwelcome. But there’s also that thing that if the show didn’t do well, the second series, then they can blame it on the new kids,” he joked. “So that was the fear. But luckily I think enough people have seen it and enjoyed it that I can now rest easy again.”

Young expressed his hopes for the future while looking ahead to season 3.

“It’s interesting [to see] which story is going to come next because there’s not one that you aren’t interested in. It’s just so fascinating,” he shared with Us. “I can’t wait to see where Eloise Bridgerton [Claudia Jessie]is going to go. I loved her character since season one. And in season two, even more. Also, Benedict’s [Luke Thompson] story line, I think we still don’t know so much about him. Whether I come back or not, it’ll be really exciting and slightly strange to be watching the next series and see where all those stories go.”

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