Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey Defends Season 2’s Lack of Sex Scenes

Jonathan Bailey.
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Telling a story that is different Jonathan BaileyDiscussed the decision to reduce the sex scenes from season 2 Bridgerton — and for the actor, it felt like the right choice considering the circumstances.

“What you lose in sex scenes you gain in a deeper human understanding, which hopefully enriches the world so that the future intimacy scenes won’t be the heavy feature, and [you] won’t have to lean on them as much,” Bailey, 33, told USA TodayWednesday, March 30, 2010. “It’s right to surprise an audience and keep them on their toes a bit.”

After BridgertonThe steamy moments between Daphne Bridgerton and Daphne Bridgerton were first aired on Netflix in December 2020.Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Regé Jean-Page) quickly became a major topic of conversation for fans.

During season 2, Anthony Bridgerton’s search for love gets slightly more complicated when he falls in love with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) while courting her sister Edwina (Charithra Chandran).

Bailey felt that the story demanded a reduction in graphic scenes between the season 2 couple. “It would have been wrong for Kate and Anthony to have got physical any sooner than they did,” the U.K. native pointed out. “And I think the payoff is really earned.”

Ahead of the show’s sophomore season, showrunner Chris van DusenThe writers also discussed the different approach to memorable sex scenes.

Bridgerton’s Jonathan Defends Season 2’s Toned Down Approach to Sex

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton

“It was never about quantity for us,” the creator told reporters last month. “Our approach to intimacy on the show really is the same as season 1. These intimate scenes are used to tell stories and push the story forward. We’ve never done a sex scene for the sake of doing a sex scene, and I don’t think we ever will.”

Dusen added: “It all serves a larger purpose and it’s a different story this season. It’s different characters. We’re with Anthony and Kate most of the [second] season and that’s very different from Daphne and Simon. And that’s really part of the draw to me of a project like this, the ability to tell these close-ended love stories of different characters season after season.”

Ashley, 27, meanwhile, felt that the emotional intimacy between Kate (and Anthony) was much more important. (The couple did end their relationship in the final two episodes of Season 2.)

“It makes sense for these characters because they’re so protective over their families and they’re so truthful to their duties and responsibilities — so for them to break that wouldn’t have made sense for the characters,” the Sex EducationStar was added at the same time. “And as Chris has said, they aren’t performative sex scenes or intimate scenes. They have a meaning behind them and I think it’s very earned when the fireworks happen.”

BridgertonSeason 2 is now available on Netflix.

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