Brides Meltdown After Bridal Store Closes And Holds Their Dresses Hostage

July 14, 2017Jul 14, 2017

What if you paid for a wedding dress, but when you showed up to pick it up, you discovered the store had closed without any warning? Just that happened to brides all across America after Alfred Angelo, a Florida-based bridal shop, shuttered its doors on Friday.

In one Washington city near Seattle, police even had to be called in to calm down the incensed brides and the former employees who showed up to work to find they no longer have jobs.

One bride, Candace Lawrence, 23, took to twitter after arriving at the Alfred Angelo location in Manchester, Connecticut, and finding it deserted. She said, “This is probably the worst day of my life, thank you Alfred #alfredangelo."

In an interview with CNN Money, Lawrence said she picked her dress out in April—spending $950 on it—and she was supposed to pick it up in late July. She’s tried to contact the store and Alfred Angelo’s corporate office, but they aren’t taking her calls.

Another woman, Amber McGraw, 27, is also feeling devastated. She’s getting married in two months, and she had already paid $820 for her dress, sash, and veil.

"I simply don't have the funds to go somewhere else," McGraw said. CNN Money adds that the check she wrote Alfred Angelo has already cleared.

Other brides are also in shock that they might not receive their wedding dresses.

Alfred Angelo’s competitor, David’s Bridal is offering a discount to anyone who purchased a wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress and didn’t receive them. With a receipt, they’ll get 30% off wedding dresses and 20% off bridesmaid dresses. 

Inside Edition found other panicked and upset customers: