Breitbart: Google HIDING Search Results When People Ask Questions About Hillary's Health

August 30, 2016Aug 30, 2016

You've noticed this for years. When you start typing in a search into Google, even before you've finished writing out every search term, Google is automatically giving you suggestions for what you might be searching for. It's a useful feature that saves time and helps you improve your searches.

But Breitbart has revealed something highly suspicious about how Google's feature works — or rather doesn't work — when typing in a search for Hillary Clinton's health issues. The results appear to be suppressed.

We decided to test Breitbart's theory for ourselves. You can test it, too. Go to's search field and type in "Hillary Clinton's h".

Oddly enough, the suggested results are "haircut," "high school," "horoscope," or "headquarters" — all things the majority of voters are undoubtedly less interested in than her health.

Now type in "Hillary Clinton's health".

Every suggested result is about her healthcare plan, not her health issues.

Now type in "Hillary Clinton's health issues".


Eerily, there are no suggested results.

Now try the same thing in rival search engine

Before you can even fully type in the word "Hillary," at least one result is already popping up about her health issues.

Now type in "Hillary Clinton's h".

Already, Bing is making multiple suggested results about her health.

Do you think something is going on here?