BREAKING: U.S. Government Office Launches Tweetstorm at Trump For SURPRISING Ethical Reason No One Saw Coming

December 01, 2016Dec 01, 2016

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has launched a twitter blast singing the praises of Donald Trump this week.

The government office usually does not take to Twitter to announce major events, but made an exception for Trump.

Earlier in the year, the office had told Trump they would support him if he pulled back from all business ties while in the Oval Office.  For Trump, doing so would eliminate all conflicts of interest between himself, his businesses and the White House.

Many people have praised the office for being transparent in their support for Trump after he did what he promised.

This is definitely something we did not see with Hillary Clinton while she was in office as the Secretary of State.  During her time serving the U.S. the Clinton Foundation raked in millions from he unethical dealings.

It's great to see a president put the nation first!

God Bless America!