BREAKING: Trump Plans to Biblically Define Gender, Leaked Document Reveals

October 23, 2018Oct 23, 2018

Just 10 years ago, there was just male and female. But after Obama got done with America, there were as many as 72 listed genders. In all seriousness, one of the 72 is called "absorbgender", which means the person conforms to the genders of those around them.

Over the course of his eight years in office, Obama made strategic moves to dismantle the foundation of gender and sexuality. A boy could be a girl; that "girl" could use the boys' bathroom; and two men could legally wed.

And if anyone tried to say differently--say, a father trying to protect his daughter from men in her locker room; a parent concerned about her kindergartner learning about transgenderism; or a baker refusing to write "I support same-sex marriage" on a cake--they would be breaking the law.

This is to say nothing of the confusion this definition-less sexual ideology caused young people--who will eventually grow up to be adults in our society. What is a man? What is a husband, a father? What is a woman, a wife, a mother? No one would be able to give a clear answer, under Obama's American dream.

President Trump is planning to reverse the damage done by the last administration and reinstitute clear definitions of gender and sexuality, reveals a leaked memo.

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable,” The New York Times, who reviewed the leaked document, explains, "The agency’s proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with."

The Title IX law would directly impact the enlarged civil rights that Obama had extended to members of the LGBT community, particularly transgenders. The Times shares how education and health services would be most impacted: "The definition is integral to two proposed rules currently under review at the White House: One from the Education Department deals with complaints of sex discrimination at schools and colleges receiving federal financial assistance; the other, from health and human services, deals with health programs and activities that receive federal funds or subsidies."

In light of this leak, transgenders are both livid and scared. After the news broke, transgenders and supporters took to social media to post pictures of themselves with the hashtag #WontBeErased.

The Federalist's David Marcus explained why Trump's Administration had to make a clear cut on the willy-nilly definition of gender that Obama had instituted: “The fact of the matter is that while academics and activists have been running around willy nilly changing the definition of sex and inventing 72 (at least) new pronouns, none of this has been rooted in any kind of confirmable science. It is farcical to think that the state can somehow keep up with such changes or pursue policies regarding sex without a workable and consistent definition.”

Marcus clarifies that Trump's definition will not extend to the way transgenders view themselves: "It is important to understand that this change will in no way affect how trans people or anybody else choose to label themselves. Rather, it will allow the government to have an objective standard when implementing federal programs. Without such a standard, a haphazard set of rules exists as to who qualifies for legal protections under Title IX."

What do you think of Trump's plan to biblically (and scientifically) define gender? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!