BREAKING: THIS State Soon To Become A "Predator's Dream"

March 16, 2016Mar 16, 2016

Many of us are already familiar with the terrible turn the schools are taking with letting boys into girls' bathrooms and vice versa. States such as Washington and Oregon have been making laws that favor a transgendered student's feelings over the majority's safety. But at least in those cases, they're all relatively the same age--not that it makes it better.


But a new turn in Massachusetts is taking this to an unbelievable level. A bill has currently been backed by 2 teacher's unions that would let adult makes shower and undress alongside young girls. Life Site News reports the bill "would add 'gender identity' to the state's protected classes able to access all public facilities, such as private changing areas."

Sean Ryan, director of communications for the pro-family watchdog group Mass Resistance, said, "The issue with the latest bill is not that it opens up opposite sex restrooms in the schools, because they're already open in the schools at this point in Massachusetts."

He continued, "This pending legislation opens the floodgate to adults being able to victimize children in public facilities. Erasing the distinction of sex and allowing men to use opposite-sex facilities is a predator's dream."

In addition to the prominent teacher's unions backing the bill are large companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  Ryan says, "Groups that should be advocating for children's safety have turned against parents and endorsed a legal concept that by nature puts children at risk."

And it's not that these recent transgender bills haven't already harmed young children and women. Mass Resistance has put together a list of incidents where women and children have been sexually assaulted or threatened by men in their private facilities.

Incidents like those are only bound to increase as these bills pass from state to state. What would you do if it passed in yours? Share your thoughts and feelings in the Comments! Thank you!