BREAKING: The Supreme Court Made A MASSIVE Ruling On Obama’s Amnesty Plan

June 23, 2016Jun 23, 2016

Obama was given a huge reminder on Thursday that as president he is not able to make decrees as if he were a king. In 2014, Obama had sought to shield immigrants that were in America illegally from being deported. According to Breitbart, Republican leaders across the country rose up to put a stop to Obama’s overreach.

Texas led a group of 26 states in a lawsuit against Obama. The lawsuit made it’s way through the courts all the way to the Supreme Court where on Thursday the justices voted to a 4-4 tie which upholds the lower court’s ruling. That ruling favors the states and effectively puts an end to Obama’s lawless decree.

The decision by the Supreme Court most likely puts an end to Obama’s attempts hijack the fight against illegal immigration as he is in the last few months of his presidency.