The End Of An Era As A Legend Passes Away

April 17, 2017Apr 17, 2017

Emma Morano, the record holding oldest woman in the world recently passed away on April 15. She was an impressive 117-years-old!

Morano held not only the record for being the oldest woman in the world, but for being the last living person to have been alive in the 1800's. 

Morano was born in Italy on November 29th, 1899. She has said the reason she has lived such a long healthy life was due to leaving her abuse husband back in 1938, during a time when divorce wasn't even legal in Italy. She also claims her diet and fierce independence helped her to stay healthy for so long. 

After World War I, Morano began a daily diet where she would eat two raw eggs, one cooked egg, and a small amount of meat and pasta for 90 years. Doctors had told her the raw eggs would help with her anemia during her teenage years. As time went on, she began to eat just two raw eggs along with cookies. She loved cookies and would often time hide them under her pillow to keep others from eating them.

Emma Morano truly is a legend and will be dearly missed. 

Watch the video below to see an interview with Emma!

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