BREAKING: TERRIFYING Footage From Inside Finicum's Truck Likely To Fuel OUTCRY

March 09, 2016Mar 09, 2016

In one of the most dramatic videos you will ever see, twelve uncut, harrowing minutes are shown from the time of first stop of LeVoy Finicum's truck to his flight further down the highway, to his death, to the terrifying long moments that followed as the bewildered passengers of the truck huddled on the floor unsure if they were going to survive the next several minutes.

(Parental warning: Some language, violence, and very frightening scenes)

The video, shot by Shawna Cox, begins with Finicum yelling at the law enforcement officers behind him that he's not going to get out of the truck but is on his way to see the sheriff. Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, and 18-year-old Victoria Sharp were also in the truck. This occurred on a remote highway last month between the occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge and the town of John Day where the occupation leadership was headed for a meeting.

Finicum then takes off, with none of his passengers objecting. They repeatedly try to make phone calls but find no cell service in the rural area.

Then as they unexpectedly come across the Oregon State Police and FBI roadblock further up the highway, Finicum exclaims, "Hang on!"

That's when bullets began to fly from a trooper behind the roadblock who believed Finicum was about to ram them. Instead, Finicum swerved into a deep snowbank.

Finicum immediately exits the truck with his arms raised yelling, "Go ahead and shoot me!"

A split second later, the left passenger window shatters, possibly from a bullet fired by an FBI agent who is now facing criminal charges of misconduct and lying. Two quick shots can be heard on the video.

Law enforcement officers can be heard telling Finicum to get on the ground as he stumbles around in the snow, waving his arms and making gestures the troopers claim looked like he was reaching for a gun in his jacket.

"You're going to have to shoot me!" Finicum continues to shout to troopers, and moments later they do, killing him with three bullets.

Then follows five incredibly long minutes as non-lethal round after non-lethal round pummels the pickup truck with four passengers still inside. Shawna can be heard on the video trying to calm a hysterical teenage Victoria who obviously believes she's about to die. The passengers appear extremely frightened and confused about what to do next as their vehicle is peppered with seemingly no orders from the surrounding troopers and agents about what they're supposed to do next.

"How are we supposed to get out of the car?" Shawna is heard saying.

"Did they tell us to get out of the car?" Victoria asks.

"No, I can't hear anything. I don't dare get out of the car." Shawna replies.

"God, keep us safe, please," Victoria can be heard praying.

"Please, please protect us, God!" Shawna repeats. "Please protect us. Please protect us. Please protect us. We need help. We need help. We need help."

"Are they going to kill all of us?" she wonders allowed a short time later.

" I surrender!" Victoria can be heard screaming out the shattered window before sobbing. "I can't wait to surrender."

Finally, shouts are heard from law enforcement to exit the vehicle, and the passengers can be see complying.

This new footage will undoubtedly spark a further outcry from those who feel the law enforcement's tactics in this case were antagonistic and overkill.