Breaking: Sick of Obamacare? Tired of Rising Insurance Costs? Read This.

May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

House Republican leaders plan to vote Thursday in an effort to repeal large portions of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and this time, congressmen believe they have the votes to pass the House.

“We have enough votes,” Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House majority leader, said Wednesday night, according to the New York Times. “It’ll pass.” 

Though an earlier version of a bill failed to gather support among the members of the House, a breakthrough came Wednesday when Representative Fred Upton of Michigan proposed to add money to the bill.

Under the new plan, $8 billion would be added to help insure those who would not normally be insured due to pre-existing conditions.

President Trump, on news of Upton’s proposal, blessed it.

If the House can indeed pass a bill to repeal portions of the Affordable Care Act, as promised, it would be a victory for many who are angered over the rising health care costs associated with Obama’s plan.

Trump, whose leadership failed to muster support for an earlier version of the bill in March, and Speaker Paul Ryan, who has failed twice to bring it to vote on the House floor, stand to gain from the passage of this current bill.

Though even if the bill succeeds in the House, the Senate may surely dissect and change it to fit its interests.

But for the moment, Republicans in the House are gearing up for what could be a historic vote, seven years in the making.

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