BREAKING: Shooting Suspects Linked To Known Terrorists

December 03, 2015Dec 03, 2015

While the mainstream media was hesitant to label the San Bernardino shooting as an act of radical Islamic terrorism, new information has come to light that blows the politically correct agenda of the liberal media to pieces.


The mastermind of the San Bernardino shooting rampage, Syed Rizwan Farook had been in communication with an international terrorist that had been under FBI investigation.  According to CNN, Law enforcement officials revealed that Farook had been communicating with the terrorist over the phone and through social media.  Farook appears to have been radicalized. 

President Obama said yesterday that while the incident might possibly be a terrorist act, it could also just be an example of “workplace violence.”  Obama uttered those same words after the Fort Hood massacre in 2009.  This new revelation leaves absolutely no doubt that this horrific shooting was an act of terrorism.