BREAKING: North Korea Issues Terrifying Message About 'Nuclear Strike' and 'Final Ruin' of U.S.

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017

The rising tensions between the United States and North Korea have been highlighted in recent weeks. With President Trump issuing warnings to the North Koreans, they have now decided to respond in a way no one truly expected.

According to reports, North Korea has just warned the U.S about final destruction. In a message on the North Korean state-owned media agency, the regime talked about finally destroying America.

"In case the U.S. opts for confrontation and war at last, defying the strategic position of the DPRK, nuclear power of Juche and a world military giant, it will meet horrible nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin," the regime warned through North Korea's state-owned Central News Agency.

They also said they are ready to destroy all American bases if provoked. They continued to say the U.S. is making up ridiculous facts against them.

"The U.S. cooked up another 'sanctions resolution' at the United Nations Security Council as part of its unprecedented military threat and sanctions and blockade to stifle the DPRK," the statement said. "The U.S. describes the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defense as the 'biggest threat to peace,' but it is no more than a shameful logic and a brigandish deed to justify its crimes against peace on the Korean Peninsula."

President Trump said today that “Rocket Man”, Kim Jong Un, is on a path to destruction. He says the U.S. has no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

"Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime," Trump added, repeating his nickname for Kim.

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