BREAKING: North Carolina Governor 'Clarifies' Bathroom Law With New Executive Order

April 12, 2016Apr 12, 2016

UPDATE AT 4:39 EASTERN — North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper wrote on Twitter: "I'm glad Governor McCrory has finally acknowledged the great damage his legislation has done, but he needs to do much more."

After receiving a backlash for signing a bill that makes is clear that people in North Carolina must use public restrooms that correspond with their biological sex rather than their "gender identity," Gov. Patrick McCrory just signed an executive order to clarify his decision because he felt like it had been misunderstood due to the spread of misinformation.


According to NBC affiliate WCNC, here are the main goals he laid out for his new executive order:

"First, it maintains common sense gender-specific restroom and locker room facilities in government buildings and in our schools, and when possible, encourages reasonable accommodations for families and those who have unique or special circumstances.

"Second, the private sector can make its own policy with regard to restrooms, locker rooms and/or shower facilities. This is not a government decision. This is your decision in the private sector.

"Third, I have affirmed the private sector and local government’s right to establish its own non-discrimination employment policies.

"And fourth, as governor, I have expanded our state equal employment opportunity policy to clarify that sexual orientation and gender identity are included.

"And fifth, I will immediately seek legislation in the upcoming short session to reinstate the right to sue for discrimination in North Carolina state courts."

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